Legal Billboard Location Trouble

Hi Frank,

I live in Northern New Jersey and am having a heck of a time trying to find legal billboard towns. Any advice for getting through towns fast? I’ve been spending hours going through the ordinances of the towns in my county and two adjacent ones with no luck so far.

All you have to do is 1) identify the city 2) get the ordinance on line or by mail 3) go to the “non-premise advertising” section 4) see if billboards are allowed and, if so, in what spacings, zonings and sizes. If the ordinance says “no billboards allowed” then move on to the next. It should not take you as long as it is taking. You should be able to go through an ordinance in less than 1 hour from start to finish.

You need to build a “territory” of roughly 4 hours drive from your house (draw a circle around your house 4 hours out). This should contain a number of legal cities and towns. It sounds like you simply need to expand your territory.