Lighting Suggestions?

Hello all. I recently discovered this site and it is a great resource. After about fourteen months of research, planning and work I am close to erecting my first billboard structure.

My builder suggested 4 Halide 250 lights (2 per side) on a double stacked 9’ 6" X 24’ each facing, structure. I have seen this exact structure at another location with the same lighting and it is sufficeint; however, I have looked at some alternatives and would like some additional input if possible.

I have even looked into a solar lighting option but I am not convinced it will provide the lighting I want for the signs. Here is the link for that:

I saw the company Formetco recommended on the forum and I see they also have some lighting options w\ the Adtech EcoSeries and the Halophane Series. Either of these two designs are suitable for my building permit so that’s not a limitation for me.

Of course I am looking for the most efficeint option while providing the best coverage for the signs; but, I am also willing to spend a little more to make sure the lighting is adequate.

I am going to call Formetco to discuss their lights but before I did I wanted to see what others in the business are using, what you may like and dislike about the options mentioned.

Thank you for your time and advice!

I have replaced many ballist and bulbs to upgrade them from250w to 400w metal halide, because the company was not happy with the lighting. Most billboards have Halophane 400w panel veiw lights, I do not recomend Veture lights they are cheaper, and I have replace many were the glass has shattered and filled with water and shorted everything, but you get what you pay for. You can get these ( halophane ) from Formetco are a good choice you can contact Julia Rousseau at Formetco she is very helpful. As far as the LED lighting this is very high, it is about 3X the cost of the 400w fixtures. Hope this info. helps

Craze Outdoor Inc.

Jimmy is 100% correct. I will add that I’ve had solar lights and, although I’m all for conservation, they don’t work at all. The lighting is too dim and you can’t go “all night” which eliminates some of your advertiser base, like truck stops. Stick to good old fashioned electricity.

And I’m what of those people who have had to replace 250 watt units due to customer complaints. Unless you are out in the country with no ambient light around you – stick with 400 watt.

Thanks Jimmy & Frank. This is the tried-and-true advice that really helps! I really liked the concept of solar lighting as it does cost more up front it seems, but in the long run would pay off. Frank confirmed my doubts about the solar route. Maybe in 2 - 3 - 4 years solar will become a more efficeint alternative.

Thank you for the contact name at Formetco also Jimmy. If I am not mistaken the LED lights are more expensive but are much more energy efficeint and last alot longer? I will talk w\ Julia about the LED’s but if I do not go LED I will definetly go w\ the 400w Halides as you guys suggested.

I’ll have one other topic I want to post about and thanks for the help on this one.