Looking for a company to quote me a steel i-beam sign - ? -

Hi Frank and everyone. I am looking for any companies who would like to give me a quote on a 12 x 24 back to back, double stacked i-beam construction. I have several quotes on monopole construction but I am having a hard time getting a quote on an i-beam construction. If any company wants to give me a quote please post your email or phone # and I will contact you, and \ or if anyone can recommend a company please let me know. Thanks

You’re right, not many people are psyched up on I-beams. But call some local fabricators and tell them what you want. Call some other outdoor companies and see if they have an old I-beam structure lying in their yard. They’re not that uncommon.

I think we can manufacture it for you.

That’s the power of the forum!

Thanks for the replies. Correct me if I am wrong Tinasmiles, but I believe you are not US based correct? I am looking for US based companies on the quotes for costs and logistics reasons; however, I do thank you for the offer.