Looking for Available Land (Digital Billboard)

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for land near major thoroughfares to install one/multiple digital billboards on. I have no preference to location though I would prefer urban areas close to major cities/destinations.

Call, text, email me anytime if you are interested or know someone that is.


646-725-73 two two


I think you should contact some outdoor advertising agency for this. I know one of the best company that I have personally experienced their services is DashTwo. Hope this will help you.

Thank you very much Kevin - will certainly take your advice and reach out to them. Nonetheless the above still holds for anyone else.


Hi Tim,

Are you still looking for land near major thoroughfare for digital billboard? If so - I have a few sites that permittable that could work.



Hi Bill-i am looking for land to build on as well. Would love to chat. Thx, Andy. 9137060955

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