Looking for engineered drawings


I’m new here and new to the sign Biz itself. I have been looking for a place or company that sells engineered drawings of small Jr. billboards. Said drawings are required for a sign permit in my state. I have contacted many sign companies, when I tell them I want to build a few small billboard signs, they clam up and act as if I have the Plague. The only person that showed any interest at all was actually only interested in me flipping the permit to him.

With all that being said… what is my best option for acquiring drawings ?



When you call a sign fabricator and tell him that you need a drawing, you have to understand that the drawing cost him money and he will not give it to you unless the assumption is that he will make money by giving it to you, in terms of orders. You need to start all over again, and tell the fabricators that you intend to build 10 units a year (or something similar) and you need a drawing to pull your permits. You might have to call a different city in your state at this point, since you already called these guys (the drawing normally has to be stamped in your state, but not a specific city).