Looking to rebuild old wooden 30 sheets with steel

I am looking to rebuild 30 to 40 wooden A-frame type of 30 sheet signs over the next couple of years. I did get a reply back from Jimmy Craze on a post I put up last week, I appreciate your reply, after talking with Formetco, they do not do the whole sign, they suggested I talk with a fabricator. I don’t have a big budget for the project, so for now single poles (even though they are the ideal) are out of my budget. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I thought someone else may already have an engineered design. I have seen plenty of signs that have three uprights, I-beam type, with front and back walkrails, and I know the cost will be much less. All of our signs haggle range between 5-15’. Instead of having an engineer draw something up, I figured I would check here first. Whatever I do, I have to have plans with official stamps for the building departments. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You are welcome for the info. You will need engineer drawing for this in order to put new steel signs in the ground. They will need to be draw up with a wind load for them. Were are the signs located, maybe I can help you with these. You can email me at the email below.

Jimmy Craze
Craze Outdoor Inc.
for all you billboard maint. needs email me @ crazeoutdoor@aol.com