Monthly Question & Answer Show

Good day Frank,

Just checking to see when you will be posting more current Monthly Question & Answer Shows. Just see up to 2009.


Yes, I’d like to know, too.


This makes three. Also, could someone tell me where the shows up to 2009 are located? I often don’t have time to join the call-in, but I would love to listen to recordings of it.

I don’t believe any shows newer than 2009 are available. I do have the site where those shows are listed, if anyone is interested.

I’m interested too. I’m kind of dismayed, I posted a question almost two weeks ago…still no reply…is that just the way it goes on this forum?

Brandon will have to respond to the issue of recordings, but as for the forum, I have been out of town for almost two months, but am now back and trying to respond to every post. Sorry about that, but I’ll stay current from now on. I had to put my daughter in college and before that went on a huge pre-college vacation.