Need a realistic answer for whats the going yearly rate for a billboard in central valley california

I have a double sided 10 x 30 basic billboard on Highway 99 in central valley, what is the going current rate a sign company is supposed to be paying? The contract is 20 years old and rates are low, it renews next year. The sign company has sent me a low offer, just need to know how to set my rent price. the sign is all metal heavy duty and the land is in a excellent location for view of both lanes of highway 99.

the rent price decide by the human traffic, and Local consumption level. a new billboard can obviously attack more advertising. so you can improve the rent price. besides, your new billboard should be more creative, it will attract more adverting to display and so increase your income.

we are led billboard, may next time try our led display .:grinning: or you can write to to get more creative ideas .

Hello @bullionstar,

The rate for any kind of outdoor advertising specially billboards depends on many factors like type of billboards-print or digital,human traffic,size and the exact location in the city.

On an average, the yearly rate for a billboard in a crowded place like Central Valley California will cost around 18,000$-30,000$.