Need advice using led sign boards

Hi all,
I’ve been running an advertising firm for a few months. I’m here to get a suggestion on using LED displays to advertise on trucks and vans. I’m planning to implement it to get more exposure to the public. I discussed with one of my friends who runs a restaurant and he suggested me to implement programmable LED sign board for car advertising also.
Has anyone tried this advertising method? I need advice from experts that may help my business. Waiting for your reply.
Thanks in advance

Not sure the highway patrol would allow that, but probably good to check with them.


Yes, this is very much effective method to promote the brand through LED display on trucks or vans let say a food truck for example. You can also use 360 degree fully wrapped carts to get an exclusive exposure as you place the cart in the busiest streets of the city. We have been doing this for ages and it’s proving to be very profitable for us.
We have clients from various industries like banks, restaurants, theatre companies, tour operators etc. To get a deep insight on this you can check our website :

Best of luck for your future endeavour.

it is a good ideas to promote your advertising through led display on tracks or vans,as you may see many advertising trucks in street, some trucks are mainly for advertising rental use, also you can promote with outdoor led display, put the led advertising display on the mall out or supermarket with big traffic was. we are a led display manufacturer, if you have any questions pls contact whatsapp:+8615367901952 or view : for online service.

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Hello @firebrang, You may have already found your answer regarding using an LED display to advertise on trucks and vans. I believe local city, county, state and govt ordinances would vary from area to area regarding what you are looking to accomplish with your advertising. However, we have had clients built LED trailers with digital sign message boards for stationary use and have had excellent success stories from our clients regarding advertising in this regard. The mobility is great and you can even rent the unit out to local businesses. I believe the vehicle or trailer the LED video display would be mounted to, would most likely need to be stationary in a parking lot or such, to be able to run an advertisement - so not running an ad while driving down the street so as to cause distraction to a driver. If you are looking for an LED sign supplier in the USA, please check us out! We have an excellent quality product, customer service and warranty. We would love to hear from you! sparkLED