Need an Advice: What to Do with LED Display

I need an advice. I have about 520 square feet of 20mm digital LED display. It is brand new, never used. It can obviously be used as one or two (maybe even 3) digital LED billboards.

Any advice what to do with it? It is sitting in warehouse, collecting dust. With a correct paperwork I would be willing to finance sale of it or something like that…

What should I do with it, can you help me, point me in right direction?

I’m located in Los Angeles, CA, but the LED display is (currently) in the warehouse in Europe (it is leftover from my business venture over there, I have all legal papers, etc.). I could ship the LED tomorrow here to L.A., but I figured… maybe I could find buyer somewhere else (East Coast?), so that’s why I didn’t ship it to the US yet…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Before you pay to ship it here, I’d find a buyer. I’d hit every outdoor company and sign fabricator, and take the best offer. Anyone will buy it at the right price, so the big question is what you’re going to ask for it. Don’t price it too high or nobody will respond. Figure out what it would cost new in the U.S. from a well-known company, and then put a hefty discount on it. You better write up a report on where it came from and how it can be serviced, and if there’s a warranty on it.

“I’d hit every outdoor company and sign fabricator”… Sounds little confusing… Why would fabricator buy it from me?

Shouldn’t I go after lets say somebody who already has classic billboard and would like to “upgrade” to full color 20mm outdoor LED display? Find somebody who is ready to get into partnership (because of lack of funds to buy LED display)?

Sign fabricators know who have been actively installing LED. That’s why I’d include them on your list. If you hit the top 100 outdoor companiess in the U.S., you’ve probably hit 95% of the people who can afford LED. If you want to self-finance it, that’s a whole different picture, so maybe some small operators would have an interest – but can they consistently pay you? The bottom line is that the more people you hit, the better chance you have of finding the right buyer. You can procure many of these lists from direct mail companies, or compliling them yourself from available data on the internet.

Have you sold your LED?

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