Negotiating long term lease with owner of structure

I’m negotiating a long term lease with the owner of a structure that needs to be relocated on his property and upgraded to digital…how do I protect my self from the owner shopping the deal and/or bringing in another operator…the owner is not in the outdoor business. My thought is to offer a % of bankable $$ for the structure and lease and I will invest in relocating the steel, upgrade to digital and manage the advertisers. My concern is once I disclose the gross potential I have no control…an exclusive option with due diligence? your thoughts are appreciated

Don’t let the landowner know what you are doing. Just let him know you are relocating it – but don’t disclose the digital concept. And try to get a lease that is a flat rate, and not a percentage, as you don’t really want to be paying the percentage of the higher digital revenue, right?

Thanks for the advice…this is an excellent service and your experience is invaluable.