New Billboard location - Atlanta GA

I’ve been thinking about selling a Atlanta rental home to invest in a billboard in the Atlanta or Tallahassee area. I would need this investment income to live on and last me into my retirement for 30 years so I was thinking my best route would be to buy the land (I’m also a surveyor) and put a new billboard up.

Question: Is it possible that you can cut down trees not only up to your property line on your side but outside into the highway even if you have to buy a permit if there is one? In other words can you pay the government to have the trees cut down to create or fix a site? I’ve seen tones of signs that are covered with trees and wonder why they don’t cut the trees down?

I just seen 2 billboard along I-285 that a lot of trees in the highway right-of-way were cut done due to utility work and it looks like they cut a lot of extra trees to open up the areas around the billboards as well.

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