New Billboards Companies Opportunities

Hi, I live in a city from Texas and I’m interested in start a billboard business. I called to the City office to request the city ordinance and I was told that for the moment there are no more spaces to add any billboards in the city, that in order to be able to get a permit for a new Billboard in the city there must be removed 2 billboards from the ones already placed… so my question is: What we can do in a case like this… of course the big companies as Clear Channel and Lamar has almost all the spaces in the city, they wont removed any of their billboards… and they wont let any space available for any new starting company… so what opportunities are for the new companies who are interested in start in this industry in the city…Any advise of what could be done in this type of situation for some one interested in start a billboards company in a city like this?

I have run into a similar problem in my city. I had a friend of mine who was a lawyer review the statement and he suggested I focus on putting up billboards in the county instead of the city. But despite this, I’ve seen new billboards being erected within the city limits by big companies.

Good luck with you endeavor.

Hi Guy… With your friends suggestion Did you were able to start the billboard company or what did you do?
Thank you for your comment on my post… Good luck to you too with your endeavors

I have spots in most major cities why not try another part of the county I have around 178 land parcels that need development