New Book

Are you offering a discount on the new book and cds to purchasers of the first edition?

Absolutely. You can trade in the old book and cds at 100% credit of what you paid for them, and pay only the difference between the old and the new. To clarify, the new is definitely better, but it does contain most, if not all, of the old stuff, only with new additions and over a hundred photos. We are offering this “amnesty” program so that everyone has the better edition. It took a year to redo, and I don’t think we missed a single item in the new materials. To me, the photos were an essential addition.

Also, and a very important item worth more than the book, is the new weekly Mentoring Hour, offered only to those who buy the new course or attend the Boot Camp. We are hoping this will be more than a weekly question and answer hour. I am hoping that you will call me every week with any questions or problems that you are having, and share any stories of your billboard experiences that week. We can then strategize together your next steps and solutions.