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Hi all. New here and considering getting into outdoor as a secondary source of income. After having read most of what a google search turns up, I have one question- what is the best way for a beginner to procure ground lease flipping opportunities?

You have to approach billboards like a scientist. You have to know exactly how to find billboard locations based on zonings and spacings, and then start overlaying as many cities, towns and rural areas as you can that still allow new billboards to be built. It’s a volume business. You also have to try to negotiate a ground lease on every location that you find, and file a permit application.

It’s like a video game, in that you eventually develop the highly-specialized skill of doing these things very fast.

Step one is to learn everything about how billboards work. Read every article on this site and buy the book or course and start practicing in real life.

By the way, it may be an even better use of your time to find and build wooden billboards than to flip locations. It’s a lot easier right now, and more financially rewarding in the long run.

Thanks Frank. When you say “find and build wooden signs” are you referring to identifying locations to build on then actually putting the signs up as an individual or working with a company to build and erect signs?

I’m talking about building and operating your own portfolio of wooden signs.

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