Nike 3D Billboard Fast Guide 2023: Videos, Locations and More!

Where Is the Nike 3D Billboard?

There are two main Nike 3D billboards. One is in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and the other is in Hangzhou, China.

Where is the Nike billboard in Tokyo?

To mark the 35th anniversary of Nike and the launching of Air Max, Nike Japan created a 3D advertising billboard outside the Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

Where is the Nike billboard in China?

The one thousand square meters 3D outdoor advertising screen locates at 386 Wensan Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou. This is the first dual-screen 3D LED display in Hangzhou.

Why do 3D advertisements leave such a profound impression?

Alex Wilson, Creative Director at Amplify, a global brand experience consulting company, explains, “It’s a massive advertising opportunity, whether it’s for virtual IPs or brand products. It allows them to break the fourth wall and combine content, outdoor advertising, and user experience in unprecedented ways, making the IP more authentic and easily triggering viral spread on social media.”