Novice in need of your opinion

My name is Charles. I am about to acquire la small parcel of land.
It is 4 feet wide by 90 feet wide!
Checking with city zoning this week to see if it is possible.
I have never done this before and would love to know what I’m getting into
and of course if I could find a scaffold that would be under 4 feet in width.
I would very much appreciate any feedback on starting this endeavor,
Thank you!

Wait until you affirm with the city that the location is legal. If so, you have three options: 1) build the sign yourself and rent the ad space 2) rent the land to a billboard company for them to build it or 3) sell the land to a billboard company on a permanent easement.

Wow. Very kind of you Frank! Really appreciate the feedback.
I will also post to let you know what happens.
Thank you!


Please let us know if you are facing any kind of trouble in placing your billboard in that area.

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