Ordinance's are complicated

Hi Frank: I am going through ordinances of towns along the interstate, like you said, but I am finding that they don’t have a specific non premise billboard section, little pieces of relevant information cross reference eachother, and I fear that in my attempts to link statutes together into something cohesive, I may be missing out on that super important detail 85 pages up. Any thoughts?

Typically, the non-premise sections are completely separate from the on-premise, so there’s no hidden items. But you can call the inspector and get a run-down of the relevant information (zonings, sizes, heights, etc.).

Frank, do all towns generally have rules on non-premise signs, or is mainly medium-large towns (i.e. population over 20,000)? What about counties?

In most states, the counties go by the State Ordinance. Most cities over 5,000 population have their own sign ordinance, under 5,000 it varies. Some elect to be “non-self controlled” which means they follow the State Ordinance only. Some states have laws that under a certain population they are not even allowed to have their own laws that differ from the state.