Outdoor LED Screen Price

If you plan to buy outdoor LED panels from Chinese LED display manufacturers, you will pay for the following aspects.

A complete LED display system is divided into four components: LED display, control system, power input, and installation structure.

(1) Outdoor LED Display Cost
The cost of LED display screens is the main component. It means you’re mostly paying for it.

The factors that affect the outdoor LED screen price include pixel pitch, size, lamp beads, cabinet, driver IC, power supply, etc.

(2) Power Supply

The power supply is an important link to ensure that the display screen can work normally.

A high-quality power supply ensures the stability and working life of the Outdoor LED display.

There are many brands of LED display power supplies on the market. Among them, Meanwell is the best one. If you’re on a budget, G-energy has you covered.

(3) LED Control System

The LED screen panel mentioned above belongs to the hardware, and the LED control system belongs to the software part.

Different LED controllers have different load capabilities. The LED control system controls the screen content. Larger and denser displays require more receiving cards.

LED control systems are divided into synchronous control and asynchronous control. Different application scenarios are suitable for different control systems.

Novastar, Colorlight, and Linsn are relatively well-known control system manufacturers. Among them, Novastar is the most popular.

(4) Packaging Costs
(5) Transportation Costs
(6) Installation Cost

The installation cost of an LED display screen depends on the difficulty of installation and screen area. Different installation methods have different levels of complexity.

Installing large outdoor screens requires specialized equipment and crew, which may increase installation costs.

More information:https://www.unit-led.com/outdoor-led-screen-price