Permit fees

Hello Frank,

I have been in contact with several municiplaities (here in southern Ontario, Canada) to make permit applications for new billboards. I was rather shocked by how high the fees are. It ranges from $20/sq. metre to $40 sq./metre. That translates to $1700 to $3400 for a standard 12’ x 24’ billboard.

Is it typically this expensive to apply for permits down in the USA?

You listed some strategies when negotiating permits from municipalities (such as erecting some “welcome” signs for the municipality in exchange for a permit). Are there any strategies to get the fee reduced or am I stuck paying the high fees?

Thank you for your time.

Sam C
Toronto, ON

No. Permit fees in the U.S. are anywhere from $50 to $500. I’m afraid that those kind of rates are uniquely Canadian.