I am new in this busines.
I have a brick building with couple of wall poster advertised on it. The contract with the advertising company is ending.
I want to take care of this myself. I have a company who is interested in advertising already.
Can someone clarify some of the issues? like:

  1. Should I make the wall boards and mount it, & then, find companies to advertise on it?
    or find a company to advertise and let them make their own boards and then advertise on it?

  2. How to price the wall posters, size is 6’ X 12’ ? currently it’s like free…

  3. Any concerns I should be aware of ?

I can advertise on this website for the availability.


To re-activate an 8 sheet poster unit (that’s what they’re called), is more complicated than it looks. I would suggest you buy my book “Big Profits From Big Signs” because it is cheap and teaches you way more information than I could post here. It’s available here on the site. But here are some of the highlights of what you need to do:

  1. make sure you can legally operate the sign(s). Does it have a permit and do you need a license in your market?

  2. comp the other 8-sheet ads in your area to determine a fair asking price.

  3. have someone inspect it to make sure it is safe.

  4. get pricing to produce the ads, and a template of how they’ll get installed.

  5. market the ad space as I show in the book.

  6. maintain the business as I show in the book.

There is no reason why you cannot profitably operate the sign(s), if you know what you are doing.

Thank you Frank.
I do have the permit… I have a company advertising now. I did not understand much of 8 sheet poster.
I 'll buy the book.

Thank you again.