Problems with landowner

Hey Guys, I hope everyone’s doing well. I’m in the process of negotiating a lease with an landowner ,once negotiated I plan to flip the lease and permit. It’s a great location but I have ran into some issues with the landowner. I originally offered him 15% of ad revenue each month and the trm of the lease was15 yrs with an option to renew for another 15 after the last year was up. He counter offered me by asking for $10,000 upon me receiving the permit for the structure and a garunteed $10,200 at the beginning of every year(this is nearly 33%!), and a 5 year lease with the renewal option after the 5th year. If renewed he is asking to negotiate for a larger share of profits. As I said I plan on flipping this lease if I can actually get it and I know that no company will want to touch this lease if signed on these terms. Since I am going to flip it my goal is to get the best deal for him as well as myself, but I won’t be able to do that if he isint willing to be flexible and work with me. So my question is does anyone have any suggestions of what they would counter offer in this situation?