PUD Zoning?

I’m looking for locations to build a billboard and stumbled upon a location that is zoned PUD (Planned Unit Development). Apartments currently sit on the property, but I’m wondering if this location will work? Can anyone point me in the right direction on this?

RES SINGLE-FAMILY HIGH DENSITY DISTRICT [RS3] is the official zoning. Also, I should mention it is within 660’ of a commercial zoning. Does that make a difference or does the property the billboard goes on have to be zoned commercial?

All that matters is what the city says that the zoning needs to be. A PUD can have any number of underlying zonings – but most PUDs have a list of things that are allowed and not allowed. You need to see the PUD.

So your advice is to check with the city and see if the zoning would allow for a billboard? I checked on our county assessor page and it mentions that the zoning is RES SINGLE-FAMILY HIGH DENSITY DISTRICT [RS3], so does that mean that it is out of the running or is there still a chance for it to work?