Questions about running a billboard company

I am a 21 year old student from Algeria, and I am seriously thinking about starting my own billboard company. The state I live in is an open market for billboards, there are no large ones, just a few medium sized panels. I found a place just outside my town, in the middle of an intersection (bridge) of the highway and the national road. There aren’t many highways in Algeria, and my state is in the middle of some very important sates, so almost the entire country passes by our town. But I’m still studying the market and i don’t want to jump into this unprepared. So, I have some questions that I hope you will help me find an answer to:

1- how much does it cost to build the billboard? and do the people that build it have to be experienced in building billboards?, or can any contractor do the work?

2- how hard is finding clients for the billboard and how do I propose my billboard to the big companies?

3- how do I figure how many people see the billboard? And how do I value the price?

4- do I have to design the ads or do the companies do the art work themselves?

5- I want to find clients before building the billboard (I can tell them that it’s rented out until next month while i build it.) Due to a problem with the budget, I will take a loan but the loaner wants guaranties. Is it possible?


Good Afternoon , i was curious as to what kind of billboard you were thinking about starting off with , are you going to try the static route or are you going to go with the latest led digital signs/billboards?

I was thinking I’d start with the static ones, old school, then maybe I’ll work my way to the LED signs

Hello Moncef,

Let us answer few of your questions based on ours years of experience:

  1. The cost of the billboard will depend upon the number of days it will be active and the place that it is placed. Customers mostly prefer experinced one, but as of now you can hire a contractor to do the hard work.

  2. Since you mentioned that you are a student, you can start with the very easy to access netowrk i.e using the power of social media. Along with this use another powerful traditional method word-of-mouth.
    You can start by placing your own ad on any blank bulletin boards you own. Keep the ad simple with your contact.

  3. Collect maps of the local area and begin plotting ideal locations for your billboards, such as off of highways or busy roads. By this way you can get an idea of the local traffic and number of commuters in that area.

  4. Invest in graphic software, such as Photoshop, if you have design skills, or hire a graphic artist to work with clients in designing the billboards signs. Create a sample book of your designs to present to potential clients. Develop short, succinct, colorful, bold, eye-catching signs that drivers can’t miss.

We hope we have answered most of your queries. Feel free to drop by since we are also in the same business. Best of luck for your endeavour.

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Regarding the second point, you may list billboards and other media types on

Thanks because I ran across this post and I was able to know the things about running a billboard business or company, this really helped me to understand I hope some might also add their answers so that we can have mo information about the challenges, rates and how to find clients as well to have a smoother and fine start. I hope I can open my billboard business on January.

Wait, are you planning to buy existing billboards (and their land) or build them yourself (you ask about finding materials for the structure)?

Excellent answer!Very impressive! :+1: :+1: :+1:

Hello Moncef,
If you want to start with static billboards, maybe I can give you some examples. I am a billboard supplier from China. All our billboards are 100% bolted together, which is easy to install on site. You only need to ask the local construction team to help you. This is our website:

Regarding Q1, I think you can find some LED display suppliers to make some LED billboards for you!
Compared with the traditional one, I think its return rate will be higher because it is more durable and has wider dissemination. It is the first choice of advertising form in various industries today!