Recent company startups?

Hi all,

I would like to hear from anyone who has started a billboard / outdoor advertising company from scratch within the last few years (last 5 years, plus or minus). Successful or not, I would like to speak with you about your experience in the modern / recent market climate. Even if you have only a couple signs.

Thank you!


Does anyone know anyone that meets this criteria?

I was watching this post to see if anyone would respond. Billboard people are not the most sociable. We have someone who is about to start blogging on the website about their adventures in billboards – his name is Bob and he owns about ten signs in Colorado.

Thanks for the reply Frank!

Would you be able to send me a private message with Bob’s contact information?

Thank you again!

Look for my upcoming posts, as I am gathering all the information to decide if the market is open to my new start up. Just ordered the book from Frank, ready for some great information in there.

one and a half years ago…learned lots from this site…started from scratch 44 displays now…interesting/challenging couple years…double the cost of whatever you think it’s going to cost and lower your revenue expectations and work like crazy:)

I too am doing research on the industry and ordered the videos from Frank. Any advice for someone about to start from scratch? Thank you.


Focus on wooden units in small/medium-sized towns. This is hot right now. No lights, pre-paid for the year at around $2,000 per side, the advertiser pays for the vinyl. All you do is install the vinyl once per year. You can net around $3,000 per unit, and it costs around $4,000 to $8,000 to build them. Monopoles are still good in urban markets where the numbers pencil, but wooden sign numbers are among the strongest in the industry. Wallscapes also have great economics, as do 8-sheets.


Thank you. It is funny you mentioned that. I drove down a long route in NJ today and called a few companies that were advertising on smaller I-Beam billboards. They were paying $1000 & $2000 per face. That got my attention to better rates of return with lower structure costs, etc.

I hope to speak with you Wednesday at 11:30am. I have listened to all your CD’s once so far last week on my honeymoon in the Grenadines!
I have lots of questions!!


Looking forward to talking with you on the weekly Q&A show on Wed. – be sure and note that’s at 11:30 CST. Not sure what time zone you’re on.