Referral based leads in the outdoor advertising industry?


Very useful and informative site. I have found your forum responses to be extra helpful in answering many of my questions, but I have a few more I was hoping you could provide some insight on.

I am currently thinking about getting into the outdoor advertising industry as a sales lead or referral generator, aiming to connect advertisers with billboard space for rent. Whether it is to individual billboard owners or companies who lease the space from the ground owners. My additional questions are:

Is there a large market for referral based sales leads in the outdoor advertising industry, and if so what kind of referral fee could I reasonably expect? Essentially, is there room in the market for such a company?

It seems as if local billboard owners (landowners) and smaller companies who have leased a small number of billboards from the ground owners are the ones who have the most trouble finding advertisers. This would initially be my target market.

Would it be incorrect to assume the local branches of Lamar and CBS etc. don’t have this issue and wouldn’t be interested in this type of service?

How does the Ad design play into the process of renting a billboard?

If I am a local business can I contact the local Clear Channel Outdoor branch and obtain a total solution, ad design and billboard placement? Or would I need to contact an ad design company on my own, then Clear Channel?

Thanks for all the help so far,


Answers from anyone are appreciated, even though I addressed to Frank.