Research tips

Hey y’all,

I’ve been thinking of buying billboards and have been doing some industry research. I’ve come across some helpful insights on this forum—hoping somebody here can shed some light on my research efforts.

I’m finding that one major barrier to entry in this business is the localized regulation. Zoning and other laws restricting the placement of outdoor advertisements are placed at the discretion of the local municipalities and therefore can vary considerably. These regulations are not only a barrier. They provide investment opportunity by limiting supply and preserving asset value.

I’m open to investing across the country. My question is-- what might be the best way to research active and potential local ordinances with regard to outdoor advertisements? Are there any significant sites or archives at my disposal or would I just have to use google again and again as a research tool?

Any other industry research insights would be greatly appreciated!



That’s a real helpful insight when you are in Outdoor Advertising business. According to us, social media is a best way to reach mass and get instant feedback and get all the details regarding demographic, locality, interests and spending capacity etc. to help you chalk out the budget for each of your advertising campaign effectively.
Along with website, mobile apps are also a great to tool for communications.
Let us discuss in detail and we hope that we can educate each other more on this.
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