Scrolling Mobile Billboard

Have you ever think of billboard can move? Yes, that is our most popular model —SCROLLING MOBILE BILLBOARD.

Owing to businesses are searching for new and creative ways to get brand messaging through to consumers and limited options available,this eye catching display has been created. Scrolling Mobile Billboard give them a medium that reaches valuable prospects. Ours are not typical advertising that people often ignore. Scrolling Mobile Billboards grabs your potential customers attention and does not let go. In todays chaotic media climate, this break through is hard to find.

Mobile Billboards delivers the most eye-catching, innovative and cost effective advertising in the market today. Whether using scrolling mobile billboards, three dimensional concept trucks or static vehicles, we offer you the least expensive way to reach an average of 50,000 impressions a day!


Compelling Deliver Function

We believe that its a waste for a vehicle to display only. With a little modify on the scrolling mobile billboard, the truck can be use for deliver purpose.

Unlimited Options and Flexibility

Scrolling panel is the only option to install? No!! Stationary billboard, RGB LED scrolling panel and LED full-color panel also can mounted on the truck. You can choose from a back-lit, scrolling mobile billboard, a 3-D mobile showcase

Route Analysis

You choose the routes you want covered and the customers you want targeted. then drive your mobile billboard ad to these targeted areas.

Media Comparison

You can change your marketing message by the week, by the day or even every eight seconds. In the space of one normal billboard that only display one AD message, 6 ever more message can be presented. It can do what other media can not match.

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