Searching for landowner

Hey guys,

My company is looking for someone with land adjacent to a busy road who would like to sign a ground lease and have a billboard placed and maintained on their property. We’ll pay an up-front signing bonus and competitive rent that adjusts upward each year. If you’re interested, please reply back with your name and a good email for us to reach you at.




I recently purchased some land off of the insterstate 8 in San Diego. I planned to put up a billboard, but there is much more to it than I expected. I am zoned as open-spaced residential but considering rezoning. Lets talk

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Hey Mike,

Thank you for responding to our post. What’s a good email we can reach you at?

I am new to the Billboard Advertising business so i am learning as I go. My question is whether or not I am required to have an easement create on a piece of property that will be leased.

I appreciate any response.

I would allow you to use my land without an easement. Not sure what area you are looking into.