Sell Used Billboard Vinyls


My name is khadim and i from India, i am looking for people who can supply large quantity of Billboard Vinyl on Regular Basis, i offer a good Business Opportunity to those who are intersted Please do e-mail me if anyone is Intersted my e-mail Id is, Remember by selling billboards we are…

We are committed to finding creative and eco-friendly ways to re-use billboard vinyl material. We have kept millions of pounds of material from ever reaching the landfill. Equally important, by re-using this vinyl for alternative applications –we all accomplish many environmental goals:

Eliminates demand for new raw material
Eliminates huge amounts of energy necessary for manufacturing new product
Eliminates additional pollution and waste associated with new manufacturing
Eliminates additional transportation and harmful emissions
Keeps the material out of the landfills

Ask us how we use this material.

With many thanks