Selling Recently Founded Mobile Billboard Business!

Hello everyone,

I recently founded this Mobile Billboard company called Mobile Board in Miami. My company web site is I was pretty excited about this business and could not wait for my trailers to come out of the workshop. It has been only a week since i picked up my trailer from the workshop and i received a phone call from my family back in Europe saying that I have to move back there to help out with my family business. Long story short; unfortunately i am going to wrap up my stuff here and move back to Europe soon.

I am going to have to sell my company before I go. I have 2 cars and 2 trailers ready to work. I bought the cars brand new with extra warranty and factory installed trailer hitches. Both cars have around 1500 miles on them now and have bumper to bumper factory warranty until 100.000 miles or 5 years. Both cars have automatic transmission and Beats Audio System. I payed extra for these options just so the cars could have the cool wheels and the Ferrari paint so they are more appealing. Maintenance for the cars is pretty cheap; around 17$/service. I already have a couple of customers ready to hire my mobile billboards for 500$/per day/per car for long term contracts. I have my business plan and everything set up but unfortunately since i can not stay in Miami for longer i cannot proceed with running my business. This is a really profitable business and these cars are unbelievably stylish and cost efficient to run. Any one interested in this opportunity please feel free to email me at or post comments on this thread.

Thank You,

Bekir Celik
Founder & CEO
Mobile Board