Semi trailers for billboards

Can I start a billboard company using a semi trailer as the billboard?

Trailer Billboards are a great way to get your message to thousands of people everyday. Similar in scope to Super Giant Billboards, Trailer Boards are 20 x 10 Billboards that simply get noticed. They’re also mobile, and offer you the option of moving the trailer every three to six months to refresh your messaging.

We’ve found that Trailer Billboards often garner 3 to 5 views over a longer period of time, that makes this medium the perfect vehicle for advertising your brand. Like semi-trailers themselves, these billboards are built for the long haul—offering you’re a captive audience for months out of the year.

This is a great idea to start off as a Outdoor Advertiser.
Where exactly are you located? Since we are into the same business, feel free to send your query and discuss in detail about this specific query of yours. May be we can start your first venture to take you ahead of the race. Best wishes.