Several Types of Digital LED Banners

(1) Freestanding Digital Banner Display
Equipped with a reliable back bracket, these digital banners can stand securely on the floor. They are widely utilized at the entrances of various locations such as cinemas, shopping malls, business buildings, subway stations, airports, theaters, hotels, and more.

(2) Horizontal LED Banner
Typically hung on the facades of shopping malls, restaurants, office buildings, and 4S car dealerships, horizontal LED banners offer a versatile display solution. These banners can have their back brackets removed and be firmly fixed to a wall or suspended.

(3) Transparent Banner LED Display
The transparent banner LED display serves as a transparent advertising screen that can be mounted on glass windows. This innovative LED screen provides clear high-definition advertising content while blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment, offering a modern and visually appealing display solution.

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