Sign boards

What is the best sign board to use behind my vinyl’s. We have always used CDX 4-ply and painted them. Is there a better way by using something
like MDO board?




MDO was hugely popular back when we painted ads on the panels. Today, when all you are looking for is something strong and long lasting to wrap the vinyl around, then what you are using is absolutely fine. MDO is possibly overkill.

some are using air! i believe they’re called a “hurricane face”. it is basically a 3x3 angle all the way around the perimeter and nothing else. the vinyl is stretched around the angle and that’s it. i’ve only seen them on smaller billboards. i installed one a couple of years ago on a 30 sheet sized sign…

Signguy is right. There are some 14’ x 48’ units in my market with that construction. But I have already seen one shredded in high wind. I’m not sure it’s a great idea except to mitigate hurricane risk. Plus they look awful since they “billow” in even average wind, and you can get shadows cast across them from the back, leading to some unsatisfactory aesthetics. I’d personally stick with panels unless you’re in a hurricane zone.

yeah the frames are horrible. when the sun hits them right you can see the stringers and superstructure through the face… its a disservice to your customers

I totally agree. If you are trying to cut back on something, dropping the panels is a lousy way to economize. I think that a sophisticated customer would complain constantly.

For those in hurricane zones, I realize the difficulty in dropping panels every time a storm approaches. In those situations, such a program is probably a blessing. But for the rest of us, I’d stick with panels.