Sign Visibility from Interstate

I have found a location where there is about 20 yards of woods in between the right of way fo the interstate and the location that i want to put the sign. How can I determine how high I need to make the sign? Given that it does not exceed the height requirment of course. I am wanting to flip this one.

You’ll need to use a measuring device. The cheapest is a fiberglass surveyors pole, which will go up to 40’ in the air. You will need 2 people. One raises the pole to the height of the bottom of the proposed sign, and then holds the pole and the other drives up and down the road and photographs it. You can then draw on the sign, to scale, so see what it would look like. The other option is a skyhook crane. Same methodology.

Most regulations in my area have a maximum height restriction of 50’. Does 50’ typically get the sign above the trees? The trees I am talking about are mainly georgia pines.

No, often it won’t. That’s why it’s imperative to “flag” your proposed location to make sure that it has sufficient reads in both directions.