Small Monopoles

Anyone know a good source on the east coast for small format monopoles… There are a bunch of old magic media/3m small poster monopoles down in south carolina and i’d like to know if anyone still makes them?

The pole is about 8" in diameter and the display is roughly 6x10, usually a v-structure as well.

8-sheet, 5’x11’ pony board. try formetco and/or tiffin…

I build a lot of these signs that you are talking about. Almost 90% of my signs are double stack, 6x12, v-type structures. We can make these
for you. Email me at


E-mail sent, thanks Garrett

brucemaddoxjr, where are you going to put these signs?

I was reading McKinney Texas sign codes and they will not allow any small signs like that in the city limits.

We have purchased small monopole structures from (mid-Atlantic area)