Solar Lighting on Billboards

I am looking for solar lighting for billboards. I have a 10’ 6’’ x 36’ sign. I have been searching online for companies that produce this kind of lighting.
Can anyone give me some places I can look? What is a replical company? I am trying to do my home work before I buy it and don’t want to learn the hard way by buying a new system and it not work.

I am trying to go green.



you can contact me


the vendor is from China.

I can help you out with both the solar and energy efficient LED lighting. We manufacture LED lighting at Formetco and can couple that with solar. You can contact us at 800-FORMETCO or email
Thanks and good luck.

Hi! I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about your project, and bid on it. I work with a great company that works hard to beat the competitors, with high quality products.

You can reach me at 303-249-5525, or at

I hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!
Cassie Morris
Renewable Energy Consultant
Breeze Sun Technologies

clewis Wrote:

"I am trying to do my home work

before I buy it and don’t want to learn the hard
way by buying a new system and it not work."


I wanted to make one more note. The company I work with allows you a test order, so you do not have to worry about being stuck with something, and we have guarantees on our products.


Thanks so much for your help.

If there is any other companies out there that offer this service, it would be helpful and yes, there is money in it for you too. I have a need and you have a service to provide.


Is there any billboard companies that have experance with solar lightning? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about solar being compared to electric lightning.

Anyone that has some, let me know.


Yes, I used solar on a unit once. The biggest problems were 1) the lights were not as bright as conventional ones 2) it could not accept all-night lighting customers 3) we were constantly worried about theft. This was a first-generation system, and I’m sure they are better technology now (although the theft issue has probably not changed). We had to remove the ladder from the structure to feel safe about someone stealing the unit – and even then we were worrying alot.

Theft, wow, I would not have ever given that a thought.

So far, Breeze Sun Technologies, has the best option out there. I will be posting the results once I make my final decision. I will then give my experiences with how it works.