Something About Transparent LED Poster

The future is related to transparent LED posters. As one branch of transparent LED display, one of the most surging products in the LED display industry, transparent LED poster has many advantages that can benefit your projects and businesses.

*The technology it applies are almost as same as other transparent LED displays:

  1. Micro-innovation and improvement of LED light bar, and reducing the necessary number of it;

  2. Targeted improvements of SMD process, packaging technology and control system;

3)Adoption of hollowed-out design, which aims to simplify the structure.

Differences between Traditional LED Poster and Transparent LED Poster Screen

1) Indoor installation and outdoor viewing.

This can be one of the most outstanding features of transparent LED poster screen. You can hang it near the window, but do not block the sunlight, and keep customers still see the inner room of your store clearly.

The indoor installation can prevent transparent LED screens from unstable factors from outside such as water and humidity, UV and so on.

2) High permeability

The permeation ranges from 50% to 90% but the thickness of the screen is very thick.

The traditional LED display screen is lighttight and may affect indoor daylighting, while the side edge lighting technology of the transparent LED screen makes the light bar almost invisible to naked eyes from the front. That is why it is popular with people who run stores facing the street.

Using this technology, LED transparent poster is advanced with a sense of technology.

3) Highly customized ability

LED transparent posters have high customized ability that can meet customers’ needs for different shapes and sizes to better fit the size of windows.