Sorry if this sounds stupid

Hello everyone,

My name is Anthony and I’m a full time student. I’ve always
wanted to get into billboard advertising and I was glad when
I came across this site/forum.

One question that I have in mind is lease flipping. I’ve never
heard of that concept until watching Franks sales video.

Does the home study course go into great detail on the subject?

I don’t have the capitol to buy/build a billboard myself. so I figured
I can do this part time while in school.

Any answers will be appreciated.

All “flipping” billboard locations means is that you put together a valid ground lease and legal permit to build a billboard and then sell that “package” to a regular billboard company to build out. That’s how many billboard companies get new locations these days. Yes, the home study course addresses this, but the procedure between building billboards for your own account and “flipping” billboard leases and permit is identical, except that, once you have the lease and permit, you let someone else buy it and build it instead of doing it yourself. One is short-term cash flow and the other is long-term cash flow.

Thank you Frank. How much are the permits? I understand that it may vary by city and state, but what’s the usual rate?
This also once stopped me from starting a clean out business last year. The permits were very expensive $4k - $7k I have no where near that type of money… I’m a full time student.

Permits in this industry are more like $100 or so — but it’s 100% based on the market you’re talking about. But I’ve never heard of a permit costing even $1,000.