Stamped Blueprints for Sale

Hello everybody,
I acquired the rights to my billboard blueprints and am selling the stamped design ($200). Most states require these stamped plans in order to build. This will save you thousands in engineer costs. This includes foundation plan (10 ft deep piers) Elevations, and section & details. This is a v shape design utilizes 2 i beams per face as columns and is designed to be used with the standard 30 sheet poster panel system made by TIffin, Formetco, and a few others. This design is a very inexpensive way to build a billboard and by far the cheapest way to acquire stamped blueprints. If you have any questions please email me:

I want to put two signs on each side of my structure, over and under, would these prints accomidate for this?


I am looking for plans to build a 12’4"x 24’8" poster Billboard.
What size are your prints?

Do you have anything for an 8-sheet , or junior billboard 12 x 6 (11 x 5)