Standard Size

Looking at smaller billboards in different areas they all seem to be different sizes.


  1. 8 by 12
  2. 8 by 14
  3. 10 by 12
  4. 10 by 20

When I called FastSigns to ask about billboard vinyl they said that it does not matter what size it is because when they make it they are making a custom size.

Looking on the internet for standard billboard sizes, each website has different sizes.

So why it is such a big deal to make a so called standard size that no one can seem to agree on.

It would seem that if you were making a billboard out of wood that it would be 8 foot by 20 or 24 because a sheet of plywood is 8 foot tall.


The only reason to follow the standardized sizes is if you want to sell out to a big company down the road, or use pre-printed vinyls, which is all some advertisers want to use like McDonalds (they are printed in standard sizes by McDonald’s Corporation, and sent out to the franchisees).

Otherwise, you are correct that it is meaningless.

The reason the 30-sheet poster is the size it is is becuase that was the most efficient size that they could paste “wallpaper” ads on in about 1950. Before that, it was called the 24-sheet and was slightly smaller. Of course, they don’t “paste” that many ads on anymore, so it doesn’t much matter. But since that’s the official size, and has 1,000s of faces in their inventory, that’s what they stick with.

If you go to sell your signs someday, a 14’ x 48’ will get a much larger price than a 14’ x 42’ – simply because it is standard. Until you go to sell, however, and assuming the advertiser doesn’t care, it doesn’t really matter on a day-to-day basis.

Frank, You must be the father of Billboards! Thank you for the complete and detailed reply!