Starting out - Buy billboards or Erect New ones - Southern CA

Starting out - Buy billboards or Erect New ones - Southern CA

I’m considering getting to the Los Angeles / Southern California billboard industry. I’m been pretty successful in realestate and this may be a good income diversification strategy for me.

My question is basic: Stating out, would try to buy billboards or try to erect new ones. I understand city permits are almost impossible these days and there are very few independent outdoor advertising company left, less of which are willing to sell.

I’d like to start out with a few I-15 Highway signs between San Bernardino and Las Vegas, in the High Desert.

Any thoughts on this guys ?


Hi Chris,

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You are correct… permits are rare and great locations are even rarer.
Buying an existing BB is almost impossible, especially one you would want to invest in.
Tough row to hoe, using an old southern expression.