Static Billboards or Mobile Truck Advertising

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I have tried different advertising strategies such as static billboard advertising, radio advertising before launching my brand but I failed terribly. I am not able to understand why I am failing and not able to reach the target audience. I have recently heard of the mobile truck advertising and found it interesting as well. Do you guys think that advertising through mobile trucks can work for creating brand awareness and can help me to generate leads?

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Advertising is just like any other investment for your company. Buy a bigger space only when you have the business to fill it. So take a very very hard look at your audience. How do you want your potential customers to interact with and perceive your brand? Deliver a great product, grow your base, manage your finances, and invest in the next level of LED digital signages advertising.

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Mobile LED display is a great advertising method to let more potential customers see what you are doing, and you can control it flexibly. For example, if you are an resturant owner, just drive it to the street when many people coming off work, and show them your delicious foods. But the final effect will come from many aspects, type of your business, human traffic, budgets, etc.
You can refer to the article Mobile LED display or turn to this page Rental LED Screens to know more detailes!