Street level billboards

How does a street level billboard compare with a standard billboard perched high in the air? I imagine the answer is pretty straight forward - it all depends on the location. For example, if you’re on a freeway or overpass going at 60 mph a standard billboard will offer the best visibility. However, if you’re in a small town (with no freeways or overpasses) and the location is one where cars slow down (eg. speed bump or roundabout) then I imagine a street level sign is more visible. In addition, I read a study once that said that most people’s line of site is 15 degrees down from eye level.

I would enjoy reading about your opinions/ideas/insights into street level billboards and how they compare to standard billboards and outdoor advertising in general.

cheers, Alex

As far as my outdoor advertising business model goes, higher is by far not always better. The average height of my signs from the bottom edge to the ground is 10’… I have some that are 2’ off the ground, and some that are 25’ off the ground. it mostly depends on where the sign is located, if its an empty open field with nothing around it, the lower the better, if your in a parking lot, you want to make sure the sign is high enough to clear any vehicle roof tops, you also have to take into consideration of any undergrowdth around.

The lower sign is always better, as long as it is above the obstructions. It stays in your windshield longer and appears much larger. In addition, it is normally cheaper to build and has better storm survivability. It’s biggest problems are obstructions, current and future, and aesthetics from the standpoint of the property owner.