Tenant Lease Form

Hi - Does anyone have a Tenant rental lease document? I’m in the process of pre-leasing a new sign and just realized that the form I have is overly simple and slightly outdated…side note - Frank - I looked back at your book and I was hoping to have a document with some more meat. Any thoughts or ideas?



I don’t have an advertiser agreement in the book, for the simple reason that I’m afraid people will use it without any review and end up in a lot of trouble. No single document ends up in court more than an advertiser rental agreement. Every time somebody doesn’t pay, and you file suit, you end up with a lawyer looking at it word-for-word to find every mistake and thing that can be used to get out of it. On top of that, the laws are different in each state. You can get a sample agreement from any large local outdoor company to use as a template. I don’t think anybody considers their ad lease agreement proprietary. You can call an advertiser on a sign and ask them for a copy. You need to make sure that it is exactly to your liking, and legal in your state, before you put it into use.