The outdoor advertising business is it worth getting into


I am looking for some help, I have been doing so much research on the outdoor advertising billboard business and I wanted to know where this business stands as of today? Is it a declining market? What are the odds of actually getting a permit to build an outdoor billboard? this type of information seem to be hidden somewhere, i just cant find it anywhere. I understand starting any business is not easy and i’m not trying to be negative but there is not a lot of information on this business online. Your website is great! but for the sake of argument you are selling a product and i just don’t wanna get into something without checking everything. Do you know of any other forums or sites that my provide additional information? i cant seem to find any more general information on outdoor advertising business.

My state of RI is one of 4 states that have stopped the building of any new billboards. RI seems to have pretty much stopped any new outdoor billboard entrepreneurs in there tracks. So I started working on my neighboring state of MA. Although the MA law allows outdoor advertising most of all the cities I have called do not permit any erection of outdoor billboards. I am just curious on how this market is doing across the country? Is it really worth getting into? or was it a great market but now declining? Like i said im not being negative I am just looking for some more information on the overall market as of today. I guess im just trying to save myself time I cant afford on another bad business move. I want to be able to look at how this industry is doing and make the best decision for me.

Any information you can help with would be great.

Thanks Again!!!

I have no direct knowledge of the ordinances in RI or MA, but you are smart to do some basic research before jumping in. The opportunities in billboards right now are in inexpensive wooden units in small and midsize markets, and buying distressed steel billboards that have been foreclosed on/are in default of their mortgage. These opportunities are pretty much nationwide, as you can buy existing signs even in states and cities that do not allow new construction. Billboards have a unique supply/demand advantage over the other forms of media. But the scarcity of supply means that it’s harder to find them and more valuable when you do. The other big advantage of billboards is that the internet has had no impact, while it has ruined radio, television, magazines and newspapers.

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Outdoor advertising is a great deal for a business to gain attraction to their new business/offer/products/services. People mostly spend their time moving outside their home for work, study or shopping. Hence they play a vital part in branding. Modern outdoor advertising includes Billboard, digital, lamp-board etc. For the best outdoor advertising in Dubai, you can go with Backlitemedia

Outdoor advertising business is worth getting into as long as you properly do market research. It is a lot of investment but you can start led display rental first until such time you have a big client base already. All the best!

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