The Types of P2.6 Indoor Rental LED Display

1. Curved LED Display
Curved LED display is an LED display with curved or curved features, which is used to create eye-catching visual effects and immersive experience.
This display is widely used in stage backgrounds, exhibition displays, control rooms, outdoor advertising and other occasions.

2. Holographic LED Display
Holographic LED Display is an innovative display device that combines LED display technology and holographic technology.
It uses the light generated by the LED screen and holographic images to form a 3D stereoscopic visual effect, giving the audience a realistic three-dimensional experience.

3. Transparent LED Display
The transparent LED display achieves high light transmittance through a transparent structural design, so that it will not completely block the line of sight while displaying content.

4. Circular LED Display
Circular LED Display is a special shape of LED display device. By designing the structure of the traditional rectangular LED display into a circle or ring, it provides a more creative and visually attractive display method.

5. Magic Cube LED Display
The Magic Cube LED Display arranges the LED screen in the form of a cube, so that it has multiple display surfaces and can display a full range of dynamic content.
It is widely used in exhibitions, stage performances, advertising and other fields, bringing users a strong visual impact and interactive experience.

6. Spherical LED display
A spherical LED display is a display device that splices LED panels into a spherical structure. Unlike traditional rectangular or flat displays, it can display content on a spherical surface, providing a full range of viewing angles, allowing viewers to view the display content from any angle.

7. Cylindrical LED display
A P2.6 cylindrical rental LED display is a display device that splices LED panels into a cylindrical structure, capable of displaying images, videos, and other content on the surface of the cylinder.