The use of an attorney

on each of your deals do you use an attorney? That can get very pricey!


As you have pointed out, the cost of using an attorney is extremely high. As a result, I never use an attorney on an individual deal, unless there is something that worries me. A good attorney pays for himself in helping you avoid litigation. When you first use a standard contract or lease form, it does not hurt to pay an attorney to read it (total time 1 hours = $250 or so), but other than that, your use of them should be extremely limited or non-existent. I was able to own and operate over 300 billboards for 14 years and only get in legal trouble one time (with a Ramada Inn that I had removed their ad for non-payment without following the rules of cancelling the contract correctly) but even that was settled out of court. Billboards are not a very litigious industry, is the bottom line.