The Weekly One-Hour Free Mentoring Group

Hi Frank,

What should I do to get an advantage of the weekly one-hour free mentoring group call that you do every Wednesday?

Call the office at (800) 950-1364 to get the pass-code number. I look forward to talking with you next Wednesday!

Thank you Frank! I will look forward to talk with you next Wednesday!

I have a few i-beam billboard structures, am fairly new to the business, and want to know about monopole costs. Is there an average cost for installation of a single panel (12’x24’) or two panel structure?

Monopoles have become very expensive. Figure around $50,000 for a simple 14’ x 48’ back to back. Around $30,000 for a 30-sheet.

Contact Keeler Iron Works or another large manufacturer for current pricing. You may also be able to locate smaller, local fabricators to get their pricing, as well.

Wow. Frank is dead on. Last months monopole back to back 30 sheet is costing me just under 30.
I recommend RMG Outdoor for structures.