There Major Application Markets of Fine Pitch LED Display

1. What is Fine Pitch LED Display?
The fine pitch led display refers to indoor led display with pixel pitch below p2.5mm. Mainly including P2.5, P2, P1.875, P1.56, P1.25 etc,. With the improvement of LED display manufacturing technology, the resolution of traditional LED display has been greatly improved.

Indoor high-end display market is dominated by DLP rear projection display, but DLP technology has natural defects, first of all, it is simply impossible to eliminate the 1mm spacing gap between display units, which can swallow at least one display pixel.
Secondly, it is also inferior to the direct light-emitting LED display in terms of color expression. The particular shortcoming is that, due to the differences between DLP display units, resulting in the uniformity of color and brightness of the entire display is difficult to control, with the increase in product run time, the difference between units will also become larger and larger, the spacing is difficult to maintain consistent, and will become more and more obvious.
The color difference between units and the adjustment of the spacing, even at a later stage of maintenance and repair, is a relatively difficult thing.

The biggest competitiveness of indoor high-density fine pitch LED display is that the display is completely seamless and the display color is natural and true.
At the same time, in the later maintenance, LED display already has a mature point-by-point correction technology, using more than one or two years of the display can use the instrument for one-time correction of the whole screen, the operation process is simple, the effect is also very good.
Therefore, if the two are evaluated in terms of display quality, the high-density fine pitch LED display must be better than the DLP rear projection.

(1)Security Monitoring
With seamless splicing, excellent color performance, low energy consumption and other characteristics, fine pitch LED display can meet the needs of high-end indoor applications such as command and control centers, command and control centers, radio and television studios, meteorological information centers with high requirements for picture quality.
Compared with security monitoring, command and dispatch and other areas currently dominant DLP rear projection splicing screen, as well as the rapid growth of LCD splicing screen, the significant advantage of small pitch LED display is seamless splicing, theoretically the size can be infinitely expanded, and the installation is flexible and diverse.
The screen body thickness is thin, space-saving, high brightness, can meet the needs of semi-outdoor environment.
in addition, there is no high replacement In addition, there is no high replacement cost of bulbs, low energy consumption, and low operation and maintenance costs later.

(2)Exhibition Display
Fine pitch LED display has flexible formation, wide viewing angle, ultra-thin body, easy installation and maintenance, and low power consumption, which is widely used in various public information display fields, such as hotel lobby, airport, cinema, hospital and other information bulletin boards, as well as corporate image publicity, museum LED display, sports stadium scoreboard, etc.
In the commercial field with public information display needs, fine pitch LED display can replace large and medium-sized commercial displays, with the significant advantage of seamless splicing of large size, low power consumption, long life, and can adapt to the high-intensity use of long time continuous operation.

(3)Business Education
Small pitch LED display can also meet the needs of various commercial areas of use, such as corporate meeting rooms, chairman’s office, network video conferencing, etc.
It can replace the projector to create a bright office environment. Its rich electronic whiteboard supporting functions can also meet the information presentation needs of various schools and educational institutions.
Although the field of business and education is not the main direction of fine pitch LED display, but compared with traditional projectors, electronic whiteboards and other products.
Fine pitch LED display installation and maintenance is more convenient, especially its self-lighting characteristics, can meet the needs of bright conference rooms, classrooms and other uses.